April Special 

A little something to celebrate spring!
We offer the latest in medical strength peels that can only be administered in a doctor’s office. We will analyze your basic skin physiology and recommend a peel that is right for your skin type. These treatments have proven to be effective in treating dry skin, acne, liver or sun spots, lessening fine facial wrinkles and scarring and improving overall skin texture. Our physician-strength peels are available as a one-time procedure or in a series for optimal results.

Wrinkle Peel: Glycolic based peel speeds up the cell renewal process which enhances the appearance of aging skin. $75 - single treatment (savings of $15)

Acne Peel: Salicylic based peel is used to rid the skin of bacteria, to improve acne prone skin. 4 treatments is recommended for best results. $75 - single treatment (savings of $15)

Lightening Peel: This lactic acid based peel helps to lighten unwanted dark areas caused from melasma, sun damage, pregnancy and aging. $75 - single treatment (savings of $15)

3 Layer Perfection Peel: This amazing peel helps with aging, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and acne. $110 (savings of $15)

Buy any package of 5 peels and get one FREE!

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Call (402) 934-5580 or email a member of our expert team at info@midcitymedspa.com

If you haven't been in to meet our newest team member, we'd like to introduce you to our new injector, Andie Ward
Andie is a Nurse Practitioner with 6 years of experience injecting botox and filler. Give us a call or email to schedule an appointment with Andie and help us welcome her! 

Phone: (402) 934-5580                   email: info@midcitymedspa.com              Omaha, NE

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